LAST OF DA BADBOYZ {LBB} is not a group or an act, we are friends, comrads, soldiers, that have grown up together, fought wars together, a solid foundation. We dont consider ourselves artists, rather spokesmen for the streets. We give an honest factual account of streetlife through numerous eyes, perspectives and experiences. Listening to our music is like going on a journey, similar to life, we can’t promise you any happy endings or fairy tales, on the contrary, we highlight crime, violence, drug trade, sex, incarceration and even death, real life situations that we all go through. Our music is available across the board, for young or old, male or female, whatever your race or culture. You might not agree with everything we say but, hey, that’s the beauty of life, FREE CHOICE. LBB is a movement and will continue long after we pass from this world. Members are endless but look out for, POBIDANSTA, SLIM MATRIX, CRAZYDREDD, P.BULLY, BLAK-OBSIDION, MEGZ and KARNAGE. Hope you continue to follow us on our journey, and enjoy as you go along, peace out, LBB!